Grey Tigertours offers THE ONLY 2019 luxury Mercedes Sprinter vans with the new shaped cockpit area. The new technology was well worth waiting for, with the all new interactive entertainment system that features Apple and Android CarPlay. Allowing you to seamlessly connect your phone to the van.

Other new and improved systems on these new space ships are:

-Wind assist  (Amazing for windy motorway driving)
-On Board Diagnostics (These vehicles can be diagnosed from anywhere in the world should a problem occur)
-Worldwide Real Time Tracking (Trackers fitted to every vehicle)
-Fibre glass rear leaf springs to help with weight issues.


We are sure you would agree all of the above are game changers,
and the reason we wanted to get back to the touring world
with our vast experience after a 3 year break.

We have previously run the largest fleet of Splitter Buses in Europe
for over 11 years before taking a break in 2014.

Due to many different reasons we are back.

We have always understood vehicles being fully trained mechanics
with a fully operational garage established in 1969.

This mechanical experience of a tour is as valuable as having a good sound guy at a gig.
Why would you want a mechanic sorting your sound check out?

You wouldn’t… We know you agree.

So… Why have anyone else but a mechanic
sorting your transport?

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Our vans are extremely versatile and are used by the TV/Entertainment industry, as well as for sporting and leisure tours throughout the UK and Europe.